MARS Microwave Reaction System 2006e

Engineered as a custom microwave platform specifically for laboratory use, MARS is the only microwave system to have won the prestigious R&D 100 Award, which recognizes significant advances in technology. It has the durability and flexibility to meet all of your laboratory’s demanding requirements, as well as industry-leading capabilities that make using the MARS virtually effortless. The MARS System has numerous standard safety features and interlocks that automatically monitor and control reactions to ensure safe operating conditions at all times. Proprietary, industry-leading features such as precise, continuous power control, autoload sensing, Reactiguard cavity sensor and the foremost selection of internal pressure and temperature controls make the MARS system unmatched for safety.


Overall Instrument Dimensions           25"D x 20"W x 23"H (63.5 x 50.8 x 58.4 cm)

Weight                                                   120 lbs. (without vessels)

Printer Port                                           25-pin, Epson and IBM-compatible

Computer Compatibility                      80C188 on-board computer controls all system functions.

                                                               System can perform all functions with or without an                                                                             external PC. RS 232, 9-pin, IBM PC-compatible

Sample Stirring                                    In-vessel magnetic stirring of samples at three levels of speed.

Turntable Design                                 PerfectCircle™ design provides absolute radial symmetry. Turntable operates in alternating or                                                                     continuous mode.

Sensors                                                  All sensors including pressure and temperature sensing devices located within the microwave                                                                    cavity are microwave-transparent or shielded to ensure accurate readings and to eliminate                                                                          arcing (ignition) hazards.

Inlet/Outlet Ports                                   Standard 0.500" I.D. port or optional 0.3125" I.D. ports for 0.250" (6mm) tubing.

Microwave Cavity                                 Heavy-duty, multi-layer fluoropolymer coating

Electrical Requirements                        208/230 VAC (200-253 VAC), 60Hz, 15A @ 230 VAC

                                                                 220/240 VAC (202-250 VAC), 50Hz, 15A @ 240 VAC

                                                                Detachable power cord, I.E.C. and UL approved.

Magnetron Frequency                          2455 MHz

Power Output                                        1600 watts - Continuous power available at all power levels to provide more control for                                                                                 reactions. (IEC 705 Method - 1988) (2500 watts installed power)

Magnetron Protection                            Solid-state isolator (US patent 4,835,354) to protect magnetron from reflected energy, ensuring

                                                                 constant power output.

Safety Features                                      Three independent door safety interlocks, including an interlock monitoring system plus two

                                                                 Independent thermal switches, are used in each instrument to prevent instrument operation and

                                                                 Microwave emissions in case of improper door closure or misalignment. The instrument                                                                               complies with HHS standards under 21 CFR, Part 1030.10, Subparts (C)(1), (C)(2) and (C)(3).                                                                  Reactiguard Continuously monitors the cavity and disables the magnetron if disturbances occur                                                                  inside the cavity.

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