MARS XPRESS Self-Regulating Microwave Vessel

Increase sample throughput by 300%!

Introducing MARS Xpress, a revolutionary high-throughput vessel designed for today's demanding laboratory work load. Process up to 40 samples per run that require 260 °C or that can generate 500 psi. These self-venting vessels are designed to automatically control pressure for optimum results. MARS Xpress vessels provide a 300% increase in throughput over previous vessel sets and are priced 70% less than competitive systems! A 50% increase in condensation surface to reagent surface area allows larger samples to be run at lower pressures and higher temperatures.

Proprietary, advanced composite component maximize the cooling rate at 60% faster than conventional microwave vessels and in combination with the absence of any hardware connections, allow rapid turnaround of high performance, high throughput sample sets. MARS Xpress vessels are designed specifically for the MARS Xpress System.

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