• Fast, complete, and reproducible digestions
  • High-throughput and rapid sample turnaround
  • Improved recoveries
  • Retention of volatile analytes
  • Elimination of cross contaminants
  • Reduction of acid trace impurities for lower detection limits and
  • higher sensitivity


Directly monitor temperature and pressure conditions inside CEM's pressurized vessels with our internal sensing technologies. The pressure sensor and temperature probe connect to the MARS with "plug and play" ease and the information gathered is utilized by the adaptive power control to automatically manage the system's microwave power output, ensuring complete, reproducible reactions for the most difficult matrices. The ESP-1500 Plus is an internal pressure device measuring pressures up to 1500 psi. The ESP-1500 Plus provides high-pressure sensor capabilities (up to a pressure of 1500 psi) in an easy-to-use package. The non-metallic, microwave transparent. RTP- 300 Plus is a flexible, rugged temperature sensor that can read up to 300 °C and is completely inert to all corrosive reagents. Only the MARS System offers a self-calibrating technique (patented) for monitoring the temperature in every vessel.

Convenience Features

  • Spacious microwave cavity for easy insertion of digestion vessels with speedy, pop-in connection of temperature and pressure control sensors
  • One key-stroke for starting and stopping all methods for fast, routine operation
  • Large, easy-to-read display for quick assessment of system status
  • Simple to use, yet highly flexible software with time-to-temperature, time-to-pressure, and standard temperature/pressure style programming
  • Built-in applications library, including all EPA microwave procedures, allows quick and easy methods development
  • Slide-in, self-locating turntable for effortless insertion and removal of vessels
  • Robust, industrialized temperature and pressure sensors integrated into assembly for quick, one-step connection
  • Built-in PC and printer port connections for GLP documentation

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