MB120 and MB90-Moisture Analyzers

Professional Moisture Analyzers for Advanced Moisture Analysis

Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB120 and MB90 Moisture Analyzers.
Geared to increase precision and efficiency in the lab, these Moisture Analyzers feature a preciselycontrolled
halogen heating system which helps to yield fast and repeatable results with readability up to
0.01%. The robust housing and die-cast structure is designed for easy, tool-free cleaning and durability.
An intuitive touchscreen icon-driven menu guides users through every step of the operation process.



Standard Features Include:

• Define your Drying Parameters and Store Up to 100 Methods for Easy Recall
MB120’s Temperature Guide helps to analyze a sample and determine the optimal drying
temperature. You can store up to 100 methods and 1000 total results, for statistical analysis
of measurements. Three levels of user management are available to meet individual user
requirements and ensure data safety.
• Increase Efficiency in your Lab with Fast Heating Halogen Technology
A precisely controlled halogen heating system distributes heat uniformly over the sample,
ensuring fast and repeatable results. Four selectable drying profiles for easy one-step
drying and seven shut-off criteria to automatically end the test (once moisture loss is no
longer detected) are available in the MB120.
• Effortless Cleaning with the Tool-Free Cleaning Structure
Designed with convenient maintenance in mind, no tools are required for cleaning these
moisture analyzers. Simply remove the glass and tray to clean the sample chamber.
The robust housing and die-cast base guarantee durability.
• Operate Intuitively Using Icon-Based Navigation on the Color Touchscreen Display
You can access all of the MB120 and MB90’s features and parameters on the easy-toread
color touchscreen display. The intuitive icon-based navigation guides users
through every step of the operation process.



Advanced Functionality

Test a wide variety of materials for a
range of applications with MB120

• Temperature Guide
Easily analyze a sample of a specific material and determine
the optimum drying temperature.
• 100 Methods Library Makes Testing Faster
Program the parameters for up to 100 different types of
samples, then select and run your test with the push of a
• Store Up to 100 Results for Each Method for Statistical Analysis
Quickly retrieve data and save to flash drive.
• Three-Level User Management
Set up and lock temperature settings and methods
parameters with admin access, so users can’t modify



Testing Made Simple

The MB Series features a wide, bright
touchscreen display and intuitive
menu navigation for fast, accurate
moisture analysis.

• Touchscreen Display
Easy to read and understand
• Icon-Driven Menu Navigation
Easy to follow, with no training required
• 4 Mechanical Keys for Fast One-Step Operation
Tare, Start/Stop, Print, On/Off
• USB and RS232 Ports
Quick connections to a PC or flash drive
• Moisture Analysis Made Simple
Just 3 easy steps for routine sample testing!
1. Tare empty sample pan
2. Add sample according to best practices
3. Press start and see your results!



Exceptional Precision

The MB120 and MB90 provide precise
results for more confident testing.

• Fast Infrared Halogen Heating Technology
Halogen heating dries samples in seconds and performs up
to 40% faster than traditional Infrared methods.
• Uniform Drying for Precise, Repeatable Results
The reflective sample chamber ensures uniform heating of
each sample to yield reliable results of 0.01% readability.
• Flexible and Powerful
Features a full operating temperature range of 40–200
(MB90) or 40–230 °C (MB120) in 1 degree increments.
• Four Drying Profiles to Ensure Accuracy
Customize heating of specific samples with temperature
control for one-step drying—set temperature and time
and begin!
Fast: Quickest possible time to temperature
Standard: Minimal overshoot while achieving
temperatures quickly
Ramp: Controlled ramping to temperatures
Step: Set three temperatures at three time intervals
• Shut-Off Criteria for Automatic Test Completion
Customize your own test endpoint criteria to automatically
end the test once moisture loss is no longer detected.
Choose from up to 8 criteria—Manual, Timed, Auto,
AutoFree percent weight loss per second, AutoFree mg loss
per second, A30, A60 and A90.



Easy Tool-Free Cleaning

The MB90 and MB120 feature a
patented pan handler and removable
parts for convenient maintenance.

• Stainless Steel Drying Pan
Wipe down quickly
• Removable Heating Chamber Components
No tools required—simply remove glass and tray
to clean


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