Melting Point Apparatus (MEPA)

Melting Point of the crystalline substance is the temperature at which it changes from solid state to liquid state under pressure of one atmosphere. For pure substance it is quite sharp, at times within a short range of ±0.5°C. Hence precise temperature control and readout is essential for exact and repeatable results.

The compact, elegant looking melting point apparatus - MEPA, fulfils all these requirements very effectively. MEPA can precisely detect melting point of samples which become completely transparent after melting. Colour samples which decompose on melting or become opaque are not recommended. The Melting Point results are displayed on 20 x 2 back lighted LCD display.


• Advanced microcontroller based user friendly, state-of-the-art product design with alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys for keyboard. User interactive software in dialog mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.

• Alphanumeric entries of Sample Name, Sample Number, Identification Number and Date for authentication. Also same on report printouts makes system foolproof and GLP complaint.

• Non volatile memory storage of 20 programs with parameters.

• Last run result can be viewed or printed.

User selectable operating modes :

a) Pharma mode: Melting point is automatically detected by photo sensing and the temperature is locked & displayed as per pharmacopoeia.

b) Thermo mode: Melting point is automatically detected by photo sensing and the temperature is locked & temperature is displayed by giving correction for heating rate-Thermodynamic evaluation.

• Intelligent Lamp & Cooling fan Control for longer operating life.

• Selectable Report Format : complying with GLP requirements.

     a) Report giving parameter and result of last run.

     b) Report of program parameter for 20 programs.

• Error indication helps user to trace the problems.

• Melting RUN can be started with last run parameters.

• Precise temperature control for repeatable results.

• Furnace Temperature Safety cutoffs for

     a) No sample capillaries insertion.

     b) No detection of melting, 15°C above the expected M. P.

     c) No detection of melting point above 315°C

• Specially designed Capillary Eject Mechanism for easy removal of broken capillary.

• PC Compatibility - PC Software (optional).



Control                                   Microcontroller- based
Detection                               Automatic - Photo sensing
Temperature Range              Ambient +5°C to 300°C
Heating Rates                       0.2°C/min, 0.5°C/min, 1.0°C/min 2.0°C/min,
                                              3.0°C/min, Scan rate 5 & Scan rate 10
Temperature Readability       0.1°C
Max. Cooling Time from
300°C to ambient (25°C)       20 minutes
Accuracy of Temperature       Ambient + 7°C to 200°C - ±0.5°C
                                              200°C to 300°C - ±0.8°C
Sampling Glass Capillary Tube (One end sealed)
a) O. D.                                  1.4 to 1.6mm
b) I. D.                                    Approx. 1.0mm
c) LENGTH                            70 to 80mm
d) FILLING HEIGHT               4 to 5mm
Temperature Sensor              PT 100 (RTD)
Data Storage                         Non volatile memory
Program Storage                   20 User programs parameters with ADD / EDIT facility
Printer Output                        Centronix parallel port (Epson LX800-compatible 80 column dot matrix printer).
Key Board                              Alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys
Display                                  20 x 2 line backlighted Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Modes of Detection
                                               (a) Pharma Mode - In this mode the melting point temperature determined is dependent on heating rate.
                                               (b) Thermo Mode - In this mode the melting point temperature is corrected for heating rate.
Report Format                      GLP complaint - Result and Program Parameters. Result report consists Melting Point temperature of three
                                               channels with average and Identity no., Sample name, Sample no.& date for validation
Environmental Operating Conditions
a) Operation                          Indoor
b) Temperature                      Ambient to 45°C
c) Relative Humidity              5 to 90% non condensing
Power                                   230 VAC, ±10% / 50 Hz. 100W
Dimensions                         31 x 42 x 20cms. (W x D x H)
Weight                                 11 kgs. approx

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