The MicroVap Accessory Set enhances the performance of your CEM microwave sample preparation system to make rapid drying of samples prior to digestion as easy and clean as possible. The system also reduces the acid volume after the digestion step and concentrates acidified drinking water samples. The MicroVap processes up to 12 samples at a time and can be operated with a variety of CEM microwave digestion vessel liners. An optional HEPA filter can be used to control the sample environment. The samples are exposed to microwave energy while under a vacuum to accelerate the sample drying and acid volume reduction steps. An “auto-detect” feature of the MARS system software determines when the sample evaporation step is complete and automatically stops operation. Acid fumes and vapors are automatically neutralized by the digestion system’s integrated vapor scrubber module.


  1. Minimize the risk of contamination during pre and post digestion steps by eliminating sample transfer - sample is in only one container throughout the sample preparation process
  2. Reduce acid volume or bring to dryness to minimize acid concentration for trace element analysis
  3. Decrease sample drying time prior to the acid digestion step
  4. Control sample environment with the use of an optional HEPA filter
  5. Process up to 12 samples at a time
  6. Compatible with a variety of CEM microwave digestion vessel liners including ACV, UDV-10, HP-500, XP-1500
  7. Evaporate HF, HCl and HNO3 from digested sample to eliminate interference during subsequent analysis

Design Features:

  1. Functional in all CEM microwave sample preparation systems
  2. Acid-resistant Teflon construction for cleanliness and durability
  3. Control by temperature feedback or power and time parameters
  4. “Auto-detect” software feature for unattended operation with the MARS system
  5. Quick and simple assembly
  6. Easy clean-up

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