Microwave Digestion Vessels and Accessories


Our most easy-to-use pressure vessels will help you finish your sample run quickly! Process up to 40 samples simultaneously in vessels designed for self-regulating pressure control and temperatures up to 260 °C. MARSXpress vessels work in conjunction with CEM’s patented

Contactless All-Vessel Temperature Control. No external pressure or temperature controls needed! PFA Teflon liners available in 10-, 25-, 55- and 75-mL sizes. Some liners also available in TFM.


XP-1500 Plus

The best vessel for the most difficult digestions! Safely process up to 12 samples simultaneously under the highest pressure (1500 psi) or temperature (300 °C) conditions with fast, complete and reproducible digestions ensured every time! The XP-1500 Plus breaks the throughput barrier for acid digestion of the most difficult matrices. Digest hazardous wastes, refractory materials, ceramics, ores and slags in minutes! Available liners: Teflon, Pyrex, or quartz.


HP-500 Plus

HP-500 Plus vessels are ideal for routine digestion applications. Process up

to 14 high-pressure vessels per run with temperatures up to 260 °C or pressures

up to 500 psi. Available liners: Teflon, Pyrex®, or quartz.










One vessel does it all! Switch from fully sealed to self-regulating simply by changing the cover. Digest up to twice the normal sample size of most organic samples including wipes, plant materials, plastics and polymers with the self-regulating cover. The fully sealed cover ensures complete digestions of difficult samples in a pressurized environment (up to 1500 psi or temperatures up to 300 °C). Both covers may be used with pressure and temperature feedback controls. Twelve vessels per set. Available liners: Teflon, Pyrex or quartz.



High-Throughput Accessory Set

Perfect for fast, temperature-controlled microwave preparation of industrial hygiene, clinical and geological samples including paint chips, baby wipes, plant and animal tissue, blood, hair, urine and soils. Dilute, centrifuge, and analyze in the same disposable, easy-to-assemble digestion vessels for convenience.

Available sets: 52 or 120 vessels



LabXpress Filtering Station

Compact and portable, LabXpress has a unique pressurized filtering feature that allows for up to 20 filtrations of any type to be performed at a time. Five times faster than gravity filtering, the station rotates to allow easy access to all of its filter cups and your samples. Standard glass or

plastic filter funnels may be used in place of the disposable filter cups. Use any type of collection vessel including TurboVap



MicroVap and XpressVap Accessory Sets

Evaporation and concentration accessories are available for all MARS Systems. XpressVap works with the MARSXpress option. MicroVap works with all other MARS configurations.


Quick and easy assembly!

  • Process 12-24 samples simultaneously!
  • Minimize the risk of contamination during pre- and post-digestion steps
  • by eliminating sample transfer! The sample stays in one container
  • throughout the digestion/evaporation process.
  • Reduce acid volume or bring to dryness to minimize acid concentration
  • for trace element analysis
  • Acid resistant Teflon® construction for cleanliness and durability
    • TurboVap is a registered trademark of Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.
    • Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont
    • Pyrex is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.

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