Microwave Drying System

The SAM-255 now with IntelliTemp Infrared Temperature Control provides rapid drying of all types of samples. The SAM-255 Workstation can analyse large-sized samples for moisture or solids. 



  • IntelliTemp provides consistent drying everyday, every batch
  • Works great with paint bases and color
  • Ideal for powdered milk
  • Reduce drying times from hours to minutes
    • Drying comparable to standard air oven method
    • Constant reproducible results
  • Stores up to 20 separate methods
  • Each method can have upto 8 heating, cooling or heat ramping stages

IntelliTemp Makes the Difference

This remarkable system has the patented IntelliTemp temperature feedback system which controls microwave energy to maintain a user-defined temperature set-point for verifiable temperature control and repeatable conditions for every test. Provides consistent results unit-to-unit and site-to-site.


Electrical Ratings                                120 VAC, 60Hz, 15 amps

                                                            230 VAC, 50Hz, 8 amps

Power Output                                      650 watts ± 50 watts (at nominal line voltage)

Magnetron Frequency                         2455 MHz

Exhaust Capabilities                           130 CFM

Balance Interface                                RS232, 9-pin serial interface

Printer Port                                          25-pin parallel

Computer Interface                             RS232, 9-pin serial interface

                                                            (PC software to interface and collect data must be supplied by the user)

Overall instrument                               42.2(W) x 65.4(D) x 49.8(H) cm

Dimensions                                         18.2(W) x 25.75(D) x 19.6(H) in

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