Mini Laminar Flow Cabinet LB-10LFM

Mini Laminar Flow Cabinet LB-10LFM is a table top unit with an applicable station for one operator provides an aseptic work area with vertical air flow direction and microprocessor control system. The air passed through a 0.3 µm HEPA filter is then discharged over the work area in a unidirectional stream providing a sterile working environment.


  • Applicable station for one operator
  • Vertical laminar air flow direction
  • High-efficient HEPA filter of over 0.3um filtering ratio
  • Adjustable air speed
  • Only protects the product
  • Polyester, washable and anti-ultraviolet fiber
  • LED display for visual monitoring
  • Manually operated front window with 5 mm toughened glass
  • Enclosed stainless steel bench board to effectively prevent air flow and keep operator from pungent odor
  • Low-noise fan and light touching blowing-rate operational key

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