Omni Vessel

Switch from fully sealed to self-regulating simply by changing the cover! Now you can choose the best method for each sample without buying two full sets of vessels.


Especially suited for organic digestions, the self-regulating cover maximizes the digest quality while maintaining the pressure at an optimal point below 500 psi, preventing the sample from becoming an aerosol. Digest up to twice the normal sample size of most organic samples, including wipes, plant materials, plastics and polymers. As gas is evolved by the digestion process, the self-regulating Omni

Vessel cover safely maintains a pressure consistent with the temperature required to achieve the digestion. The use of safety membranes is not required and the vessel may be used with temperature and pressure feedback to allow maximum flexibility and control with the safe dissipation of the gaseous by-products of the reaction.

The fully sealed cover ensures complete digestions of difficult samples in a pressurized environment (up to 1500 psi) and may be used with the MARS 5 pressure and temperature controls. Digest ores, slags, refractory materials and ceramics in minutes!


One Vessel Does it All!

  • Full lead or baby wipes (3 to 5g)
  • Up to 7g of paper pulp
  • 1g of plastics or polymeric material
  • 1g of plant material
  • Ores & slags
  • Refractory materials & ceramics
  • Oils and heavy organics
  • Hazardous wastes





Capacity                                 12 vessels

Liner Material                         TFM Fluoropolymer

Sleeve                                     Advanced Composite

Vessel Volume                       100 mL

Liner Weight                          100 g

Material Design Pressure    1500 psig

                                               (100 bar)

Maximum Temperature         300 °C


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