FLUORAT-02-Panorama spectrofluorometer is the most sophisticated instrument in the FLUORAT-02 family. It is intended for scientific research, chromatographic analysis, and can also operate as a part of multimodule automatic measuring facilities. The spectral regions in the excitation and detection channels are set by fast, independently controlled, built-in monochromators, which enables functional programming during the measurement process and allows to synchronously scan the spectra.
A proprietary optical scheme provides a high sensitivity of the instrument, especially in the UV spectral range, where it is difficult to isolate a spectral interval using a light filter. The instrument is controlled with a built-in keypad or an external computer.

Features and Benefits

•    Monochromators both in excitation and emission channels;
•    Multifunctional operational capabilities;
•    Wide variety of accessories for measurements outside of the cell compartment;
•    Spectrofluorimetric detector for HPLC;
•    Synchronous and 2D (two-dimensional) scanning.


•    Analysis of fluorescence spectra of liquids and glass;
•    Analysis of absorption spectra of solutions, glass, and surfaces;
•    Investigation of time-resolved fluorescence kinetics;
•    Development of new analytical techniques.

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