PICO+ Conductivity Meter

Offers the perfect choice of a bench -top conductivity meter for measurements in the laboratories - whether routine or at R & D level. The conductivity meter offers better operating comfort and measuring confidence in all areas of application. Due to user selective temperature function, instrument calculates the conductivity at the reference temperature 25 +/- 0.1°C with linear function.

Conductivity is an important factor in water analysis for quality of drinking water, direct ionic concentration measurement in pharmaceutical preparations, waste water treatment plants, pollution control in lakes & rivers, boiler feed water and oceanography to determine salinity and TDS.


• Advanced micro controller based user-friendly state-of-the-art design.

• Complies with USP and DIN standards.

• Sleek moulded cabinet with alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester keyboard with soft keys.

• User interactive software in dialogue mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.

• 20 x 2 line back lighted LCD display.

• Measurement Modes: Conductivity, TDS, Salinity (optional) and temperature.

• Simultaneous measurement of conductivity and temperature.

• Non-volatile memory storage of conductivity, TDS and salinity - 40 readings each with temperature in pre-selected GLP or Non-GLP format.

• Password protection for calibration data and stored readings.

• Calibration data with date stamp for authentication.

• Calibration reminder alarm.

• Alphanumeric entries of sample name, identification number for authentication.

• Automatic Range selection for faster measurement from 0.01μS to 199.9mS with conductivity cells having constants 0.1, 1.0 and 10 K.

• Automatic evaluation of CELL constant with standard solution.

• User selectable temperature coefficient for automatic temperature compensation, through special TEMPCO key.

• Input stability indicator for reproducible results.

• Built-in-real time clock (RTC) for time display and on report printout.

• Factory entered CUSTOMER NAME on report printouts for authentication.

• Error indication helps user to trace the problem.

• Audible beep indication during valid key operation.

• PC compatibility for data downloading (Optional) Combined pH and conductivity instrument is available




Conductivity Measuring

Range                              Autoranging 0.01μS/cm to 199.9 mS/cm. (Depending on the cell used 0.1/1.0/10 K)

Resolution                        0.01 (displayed)

Accuracy                          0.5%



Temperature Range          0 to 150°C

Resolution                        0.1°C

Relative accuracy              +/- 0.2°C

Sensor                              RTD Pt100

Temp. compensation         Automatic / Manual

Display                            20 x 2 line back lighted LCD display

Keyboard                         Alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys

Report format                  (a) Calibration report

                                          (b) Report of all selected Conductivity, TDS and Salinity readings

Input                                2 - Banana socket for conductivity electrode, 1-ATC-PT100


a) Printer                         Parallel Port

b) RS 232C                       PC connectivity


Environmental Operating Conditions

a) Operation                      Indoor

b) Temperature                 Ambient to 45°C

c) Relative humidity           5 to 90% non-condensing.

Power Requirement           230 Vac, +_10% / 50Hz., 10 W

Dimensions                       305 x 220 x 70mm (W x D x H)

Weight                              2.2 kgs

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