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PSL Spheres and Polystyrene Latex Spheres

Polystyrene Latex spheres are highly accurate, monodisperse, NIST Traceable, particle size standards from 20 nanometers to 160 microns, suspended in a DI Water solution with a trace surfactant to minimize agglomeration. Polystyrene latex beads are used to create a particle aerosol to challenge the size accuracy of laser particle counters or to produce PSL Wafer standards.

PSL Spheres are used with PSL Wafer Deposition Systems to produce PSL Wafer Standards, also referred to as Particle Wafer Standards. In either case, after the PSL Wafer Standard is produced, it is then placed on a wafer inspection system and scanned by a single laser SSIS or dual laser SSIS. The actual PSL size response is compared to the SSIS size response. If the two peaks do not match, the SSIS must be calibrated.

Pre-mixed, high concentration PSL Spheres are for 2300XP1 systems, 2300 NPT-1 systems, 2300NPT-2 and M2300G3 wafer deposition systems.

Un-mixed PSL Spheres, generally in 1% concentration.

The pre-mixed PSL Spheres come in a 50ml bottle, mono-disperse in size (1 size distribution), and are provided from about 47nm to 950nm in size. This PSL solution is poured directly into the nebulizer or atomizer vessel. Pre-mixed is a convenient way of purchasing the polystyrene latex beads, since all the dilution has been accomplished in a very uniform manner, no muss, no fuss, permitting the user to not deal with mixing the polystyrene latex beads using beakers, DI water and ultrasonic trays.

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