Air Quality Monitoring System
for Outdoor Environmental Monitoring


Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Solution

PolludroneTM is a Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (CAAQMS). It is capable of monitoring various environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odour, weather, radiation etc. It measures the particulate matter  and gaseous concentrations in the ambient air in real-time. Using external probes, it can also monitor other auxiliary parameters like traffic, disaster etc.

PolludroneTM is an ideal choice for smart cities as well as urban infrastructure applications like roadside, campus, and airport monitoring. It is easily integrable with a Smart Pole/Intelligent Pole.


Product Variants

  • Polludrone Lite
  • Polludrone Smart
  • Polludrone Pro
  • External Modules



Product Features

  • Patent Pending Technology: Works on innovative e-breathing technology for higher data accuracy
  • Solar Powered: Capable of running independently on solar power

  • Retrofit Design: Plug and play design for ease of implementation
  • Compact: Light-weight and compact system installed at 12-15 feet (4-5 m) height
  • Ultimate Durability: Made of high-grade engineering-metal and composite polymers for long life
  • Identity & Configuration: Each equipment carries  its unique identity with geo-tagging throughwireless configuration
  • Weatherproof: IP65 grade enclosure for endurance against harsh weather conditions
  • Tamper Proof: Comes with a security system to avoid tampering / malfunction / sabotage
  • Over-The-Air Update: Automatically upgradeable from a central server without any onsite visit

  • Real-Time Data: Continuous monitoring and real-time data transfer at configurable intervals
  • Network Agnostic: Supports a wide range of connectivity options like GSM / WiFi / LoRa / NBIoT/ Ethernet
  • 3-level Calibration: Can be calibrated by a third party nodal agency, reference station co-location and spot calibration for ultimate precision

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