Prodigy DC Arc

The Ultimate Solution for Elemental Analysis of Solid Samples

Prodigy DC Arc

• Acquires the full high resolution spectrum in a single burn.

• Uses 1/2 the number of electrodes which cuts your cost and analysis time in half.


Speed & Sample Throughput Prodigy acquires the full DC Arc spectrum in a single burn. This means twice the sample

throughput of instruments which require two burns to cover the full wavelength range.


Lower Cost of Operation The Prodigy requires only one burn which uses ½ the number of electrodes and takes ½ as much

of your operator’s time when compared to existing instruments.


Full Wavelength Coverage Prodigy’s Advanced Echelle Spectrometer and Large Format Programmable Array Detector provide

full wavelength coverage from 175 to 900 nm. Now you can analyze sulfur at 180 nm by DC Arc.


Superior Results The most appropriate internal standard wavelength is always available, which results in internal

standard corrections that are more accurate than ever before.


Space Saving Bench Top Design Prodigy’s compact bench top design will save you valuable laboratory space while providing

resolution that is superior to that of any modern instrument.


Responsive Support Look to Leeman’s experts in atomic spectroscopy to help you get the answers you need … when

you need them.


Fast, easy, quantitative, elemental analyses of difficult samples are hallmarks of the DC Arc approach. Few other techniques can

challenge the ease-of-use or productivity of DC Arc when it comes to analyzing solid samples that are difficult or impossible to digest.

Samples like:

• Ceramics: Metal Oxides, Carbides, Borides, Nitrides

• Refractory powders: Tungsten Oxide and Zirconium Oxide

• Graphite

• Geological Materials

• Nuclear Materials: Uranium Oxide, Plutonium Oxide

• Soils, Sludges, Ashes


Prodigy’s DC Arc Source

Prodigy’s DC Arc stand is a significant improvement over the original “Spex” stand that was used in earlier DC Arc instruments. This new user-friendly arc stand incorporates a counter electrode that simply rotates out of the way to facilitate installation of a new sample electrode and then rotates back into position for the next burn. This new arc stand also features a current-stabilized power supply for enhanced stability. A Stallwood jet, with multiple computer controlled gas flows, is available for reduction of CN band emission, as well as optimization of arc conditions during the burn.





Prodigy’s Echelle Optical System

The component most important to the analytical performance of any optical emission instrument is its spectrometer. The polychromator used in Prodigy DC Arc is a long focal length Echelle Spectrometer that provides both high resolution and full wavelength coverage (from 175 to 900 nm) in a compact bench top package. Prodigy’s optical system is shown in the diagram.


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