ProdigyPlus High Dispersion ICP Spectrometer

Prodigy Plus combines the latest in solid state detector technology with Leeman Labs’ advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer to provide the most powerful ICP available today. Not only does Prodigy Plus provide superb resolution, stability and detection limits for reliable results, it was designed for a wide variety of optional features that are guaranteed to enhance the capabilities of your inorganic analysis lab.

Advantages of the ProdigyPlus:


The Prodigy Plus is the synthesis of advanced technology and user simplicity. The summation of years of refinement, the Prodigy Plus has distinct advantages over other ICPs:

• Large Format , CMOS-based , Advanced Solid-State Array Detector

• Full Wavelength Coverage from 165 – 1100 nm (134 - 1100 nm with Halogen Option)

• 800 mm, Low Stray-Light Optics

• Full Frame Imaging Captures Entire ICP Spectrum At Once

• Available in Radial, Axial and Dual View Configurations

• Application-Specific Sample Introduction Systems

• Built-in Scheduled Maintenance Monitor

CMOS Detector

Designed specifically for ICP-OES and exclusive to Leeman Labs, the CMOS

Detector achieves the following technological benchmarks:

•    Largest in the industry (28 mm x 28 mm)

•    Contains 3.38 million pixels

•    Capable of capturing the entire ICP spectrum in a single exposure at a speed 40x faster than older, less advanced devices.

•    Large signals will not spill into adjacent pixels due to inherently anti-blooming design. The end result is high sample throughput, greater linearity, and the ability to determine the concentration of any element with a single acquisition.



High Performance Optical System                            Designed to handle the most difficult and                                                                                            complex matrices analyzed by ICP-                                                                                                      OES, the proven optical system delivers                                                                                              interference free analysis in virtually any                                                                                              sample.


Radial, Axial or Dual View                                          The “right” view for any sample type or                                                                                                element concentration. Choose the view                                                                                              that best fits your need.


CMOS Detector Designed for ICP-OES                     Exclusive to Leeman Labs, the CMOS detector represents the next generation in                                                                                        simultaneous solid state devices for ICP-OES. At 28 mm x 28 mm, it is the                                                                                                     largest detector available in the industry. Its 3.38 million pixels are capable of                                                                                               capturing the entire ICP spectrum with a single exposure.



Venting                                                                          No special venting required. No more than 100 ft3/min (or 2.8 m3/min) is needed                                                                                          regardless of plasma configuration.


Twist-n-Lock, Auto-Aligning                                      Simplifies day-to-day operation and allows all

Sample Introduction System                                      operators, regardless of training level, to consistently obtain the highest quality                                                                                             results. Configurable with various sample injectors, the torch is capable of both                                                                                             low and high flow operation for maximum flexibility.


40.68 MHz Free Running Power Supply                    Aqueous, high-solids and organic samples are easily analyzed with a powerful,                                                                                             rugged, field proven design.



Axial/Dual View Air Knife                                            Built-in, maintenance free pump provides air flow to remove the plasma’s tail                                                                                                 thereby reducing interference without additional gas flow or external air                                                                                                         compressor.

4-Channel Peristaltic Pump                                        Ideal for online internal standard addition, hydride generation or online sample                                                                                             dilution




Prodigy Plus Specifications:


Optical Design                     High Energy Echelle Polychromator

Detector Type                      CMOS

Focal Length                        800 mm

Size                                     28 mm x 28 mm

Wavelength Range             165 - 1100 nm Standard

                                            134 - 1100 nm Halogen Option

Number of Pixels                 3.38 million (1840 x 1840)

Measurement                      Simultaneous

Pixel Size                            15 μm

Active Area                          100% Contiguous

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