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The DryFogger system provides an easy to use, high technology solution to disinfect Pharmaceutical suites, clean rooms and critical Medical operating and emergency rooms. Facility Managers, Microbiology Managers and Safety Managers will find this dry fog tool to be highly effective to rapidly kill off 99.9% of microbial, bacterial and fungal contamination. Its sanitary and autoclavable SS fogger design maintains high sterility.

It is registered by the EPA for use as a liquid to enhance existing cleaning and disinfection process. It is fully biodegradable and will leave no measurable air residuals once the room has been fully ventilated.

Mini DryFogger System

Single Mini DryFogger suitable for room volumes of 20M3 or 700 ft3 to disperse 500ml of Minncare liquid disinfectant solution
o    Eliminates Formaldehyde disinfection procedures 
o    Use in biological safety cabinets, cRABS, glove boxes, pass-through tunnels, 
o    Ambulances, etc. The Mini DryFogger can be built into small cabinets and H2O2 vaporization systems.

Standard Features

Configurable Spray Head 
Short Process Time 
Optimal Efficacy with Minncare®
Highly Flexible System 
Ultrafine Droplets


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