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The aerosol is a mixture of a pure cosmetic grade of oil and carbon dioxide (any inert gas may be used a propellant). Its generally harmless, non-irritant, non-flammable and leaves no contamination.  As the size of the aerosol particles are very small (MMD 0.4 microns) the aerosol diffuses in the air with little tendency to either rise or fall, to the extent that the aerosol released in an enclosed space will remain suspended in the atmosphere for many hours. This provides the great advantage that there is virtually no contamination on surfaces with which the aerosol is in contact unless the aerosol stream is directed on the surface at the close range where settlement can occur caused by particle impaction.

Technical Specifications

                                                  Scientific                                       Compact
SIZE:                                    180mmx345x460                         180mmx240x370
WEIGHT:                               14 KG.                                         7.5 Kg.
POWER:                                230 V, 50 Hz                                230 V, 50 Hz
(Optional)                               110 V, 50/60 Hz                           110V, 50/60 HZ
Fuel Capacity:                        1000 ml.                                       1000 ml.
Fuel Type:                               Ondina Oil or PAO or DOP          Ondina Oil or PAO or DOP
Temperature Control:              Micro Processor                           Micro Processor
Test System:                           120—12,150m³/Hour. (203—24,826 CFM @ 10μg/lit)
Output:                                     Infinitely variable from 0.2-60 PSI
Max Output:                             20.27 gram/min
Particle Size:                            MMD < 0.4 Micron CMD < 0.3 Micron
                                                 Internal Gas Bottle & Regulator       External Gas Bottle & Regulator        
Warm up time from cold:            App 5 minute.                             App 5 minute
Running Time (max Output):      45 Minute                                   45 Minute


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