S-613 Series Ion Concentration Meter

Test ions in aqueous solutions with the features of simple sample process, quick and accurate measurements.


●6.5 inch LCD screen which is intuitive and can show more parameters. Humanized design of operating interface makes operations simpler.

●Omron long lasting and light touch panel can be used more than 100,000 times.

●Auto calibration, auto temperature compensation, data storage, USB data export, clock, wireless printing, function setup, smart self-diagnosis and other intelligent functions.

●Built-in big memory can store 500 sets of test data which can be saved and transferred to USB and opened with Excel, very easy and convenient for edit.

●Can test electric potential, pH, ORP, ion concentration and temperature

●Quick switch between different units: ppm, g/L, mol/L.

●With optional Bluetooth module and support Bluetooth printing to make operations much easier for users. Optional data transmission to cell phone via wireless Bluetooth.

●Smart judge of electrode status to ensure accurate use for operators.



Instrument grade           :0.01

Measurement Range     :pH/pX                 : (-2.00~18.00) pH, (0.00~14.00) pX

                                        mV                     : (-1999.9~1999.9) mV

                                        Concentration    : (0~19990), optional uints: mol/L, ppm, g/L

                                        Temperature       : (0~100.0)℃

Resolution                      :pH/pX                 :0.01pH/pX

                                        mV                      :1mV

                                        Concentration     :4 significant digits(expressed in scientific notation)

                                        Temperature       :0.1℃

Accurary                         :pH/pX                 :±0.02pH/pX

                                        mV                      :±0.1%FS

                                        Concentration     :±0.5%

                                        Temperature        :±0.1℃

Power Supply                : DC12V/1A, with standard power adaptor

Dimensions & Weight    : 270×170×70mm, 600g

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