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Scentroid make Scentinal provides ambient odour emission monitoring based on high accuracy (ppb level) detection of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2. The flexible intelligent station allows live monitoring of plant emissions on Scentroid’s cloud servers. Odour emission is reported in OU/m3 based on correlation determined based on periodic measurements using field olfactometry.

Features and Benefits

•    Flexible Sensing and Modular Design
•    Correlation of Scentroid Chemical Element Measurements to Odour Units
•    Self-Configuration for Plug and Play Installation
•    Time Synchronized Readings
•    USEPA and EU Air Quality Standards
•    NEMA4x Cabinet with Optional Air Conditioning and Heating
•    Automatic Cleaning and Decontamination of All Lines
•    Local Data Storage and Smart Data Transfer
•    Scentinal Includes:
•    Smart board for data processing and storage 
•    GPRS chip 
•    Temperature and humidity sensors 
•    Min of 3 to maximum of 24 Sensors 
•    NEMA 4x Cabinet 
•    Ozone generator which decontaminates all lines automatically once per day

The monitoring station is designed to collect all data from the sensors and present the sensor data in an easy to understand graphical interface.

•    Cloud Based Hosting
•    Graphic Emission Representation and Reporting
•    Integration with Optional Total Odour Management System (TOMS)

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