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The Scentroid DR300 sampling drone comes as a complete sampling solution. The kit includes the drone, remote drone controller, sampling microcomputer, drone sampling vacuum pump/probe, 3 custom made sampling bags, GPS, Wi-Fi, altitude sensor, two chemical sensors, an Android phone holder that is attached to the drone controller, carbon fiber standing legs, set of spare rotor blades, battery charger, spare battery pack and safety string rolls.

The Scentroid DR300 sampling drone can be used to sample ambient air at heights of up to 125 meters above ground level that was previously impossible to accomplish. This invention allows the operator to stay safely away from potentially hazardous sources while acquiring the required air sample for laboratory analysis.

Features and Benefits

•    Improves Air Sampling Capability Over Difficult Terrain And At Different Heights
•    Continuous chemical monitoring
•    Live chemical monitoring
•    One operator can handle everything
•    Dr20 option to connect a digital camera to the drone
•    Dr30 option to connect Scentroid drone sampler to customer supplied done

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