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•    Provides the highest purity of silica particles available at 99.997% pure in commercial quantities with the narrowest peak size distribution of ≤ 1%.
•    Provides particles of any size from 200 nanometers to 2,000 nanometers in bulk, dry Silica particles to customer specifications; or provide SiO2 particles in 15ml bottles with 10% concentration in DI (distilled) Water Solution.

Standard Features

•    High Size Repeatability form Batch to Batch
•    <1% Peak Distribution Width
•    20nm to 2.0μm Size Availability
•    Ultra-High Size Purity of 99.997%
•    Dry Silica in 1 Kg Bulk Increments
•    SiO2 Particles, 15ml Di Water Solution, 10% concentration

Applications include uses in liquid chromatography, optical lens polishing, CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) slurries and consumables, CMP polishing pads, solar cell manufacturing, mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSN)

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