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The TSI Quest Sound Examiner Sound Level Meters SE-400 are engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments, including those that require intrinsic safety. These meters compute average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the run time, helping you to more accurately assess occupational and environmental noise levels. All models are ready to use with no set-up required.

Features and Benefits

•    Red models have Intrinsic Safety approvals
•    Intuitive interface allows for out-of-box use with little to no training
•    User selectable data logging intervals for download and analysis with TSI Quest Detection Management Software (sold separately)
•    Averaging functionality allows for easy measurement in variable environments
•    Printing capability with optional digital printer provides hard copy documentation in the field
•    Choose from models with Class/Type 1 or Class/Type 2 microphones, dependent on your application
•    SE-401 and SE-402-R models include removable preamp
•    Meets applicable industry standards
•    Useful tool as part of a Hearing Conservation Program; be confident that data collected is accurate

Detection Management Software (DMS)

Designed for dosimetry, sound level measurements, heat stress assessments and environmental monitoring, this advanced software helps safety and occupational professionals:
•    Configure instrumentation and save pre-configured setups
•    Retrieve, download, share, and save instrument data
•    Create charts, tables, and reports to intuitively interpret your measurements
•    Export and share recorded results

The software integrates with TSI Quest Detection Solutions data logging instruments and will help you improve both operating efficiency and reporting in acoustics, heat stress and environmental monitoring.

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