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The SphereFlash is an Automatic Colony Counter that meets all the requirements that may be required in a modern microbiology laboratory. With its Colony Lite software version it performs the colony counting in a simple and reliable way thanks to its world-class software and its patented built-in lightning system. With the optional Halos PRO app, the Sphere Flash unit can be transformed to measure inhibition halos accepting various circle approximation criteria to obtain the corresponding diameters of virtual circle areas. The moving sphere automatically closes the chamber and prevents the area in which the Petri dish is located from any external light. It avoids any reflection or interference of external light, creating a luminous atmosphere without reflections of the walls of the Petri dish or of the colonies. For the transparent media the light by transmission is also available in all versions.

Technical Specifications:

Petri dish maximum usable diameter: 90mm

Computer interface: USB 3.0 Type-A socket

Mains AC adaptor Output: 12V DC 3.43A

Power Range: 90~264 VAC

Frequency Range_ 47~63Hz

Maximum Power:40W

Overvoltage Category: II

Air temperature 15-30ºC (59-86ºF)

Relative humidity: 10-75% (non-condensing)

Altitude: Up to 2000m (6500ft)

Frequency Range: 50-60Hz

Pollution level 2

Dimensions: 288x220x371 mm (1.34x8.66x14.6 in)

Weight: 5,5Kg (12.13 lb) 

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