Measure protein, not nitrogen

For the first time in more than a century, there is a revolutionary new technology that can replace Kjeldahl and combustion techniques for protein analysis.

SPRINT™ Rapid Protein Analyzer with iTAG™ Technology

  • Direct! Measures only protein, not total nitrogen
  • Remarkably easy to use
  • Better accuracy than Kjeldahl & combustion techniques
  • Fast analysis of all types of food
  • Convenient, disposable sample cups & fi lters

Automates methods approved by AOAC and AACC


Measure Protein, Not Nitrogen

Protein tagging is a proven technique in bioscience applications. Now, CEM brings this valuable tool to the food industry. SPRINT utilizes CEM’s proprietary iTAG technology, which attaches to the protein itself for an accurate, direct measurement. With SPRINT, you can be certain your results are not affected by naturally occurring nitrogen

or adulterants, because only the protein is tagged and measured, not the nitrogen.


SPRINT uses disposable sample cups and filters which are packaged conveniently with iTAG solutions. Eac SPRINT Pak contains:

  • 50 diposable cups with lids
  • 50 disposable fi lters
  • iTAG solutions for 50 tests





SPRINT self-cleans its internal components. At the conclusion of every analysis, all non-toxic sample waste as well as the disposable filter and cup are removed and discarded

SPRINT comes pre-programmed with a broad selection of methods ready for use in your laboratory. With its truly innovative software, loading a method and analyzing samples on your SPRINT is no more complicated than finding a number and calling a friend on your cell phone. SPRINT stores hundreds of methods and tens of thousands of sample results.

SPRINT does not detect nitrogen. SPRINT’s iTAG technology only tags the amino acids commonly found in proteins: histidine, lysine and arginine. Total nitrogen techniques based on Kjeldahl and Dumas measure all sources of nitrogen, which contributes to protein measurement errors.




  • Protein Range                                       0.01% to 99.99% in liquids, solids and slurries
  • Resolution                                             0.01%
  • Software                                                Data Entry Keypad with menu-driven  Optional USB mouse, keypad or keyboard
  • Display:                                                 Color VGA screen ( 800 x 640)
  • Accessory ports:                                   2 serial, RS 232, 9 pin ports for external balance  or computer, and 4 USB ports  Interfaces to                                                                    computer networks  Standard internal thermal printer Barcode reader


INSTRUMENT DIMENSIONS:                                  Analyzer 15.5 in (w) x 17 in (d) x 16.5 in (h)

                                                                                   9.4 cm (w) x 43 cm (d) x 42 cm (h)

                                                                                   Reagent holder 13.5 in (w) x 5.5 in (d) x 2.7 in (h)

                                                                                   35 cm (w) x 14 cm (d) x 7 cm (h)


WEIGHT:                                                                    Analyzer 22 lbs (10 kg)

                                                                                   Reagent holder 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)

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