Smart Turbo

Fast, Accurate, Easy to use

The SMART Turbo takes all of the popular features of the SMART System5 to the next level. Redesigned for higher performance standards, the SMART Turbo is 40% faster than its predecessor. Enhanced technology improvements ensure decreased analysis time while maintaining precise temperature control for the most accurate results.

The SMART Turbo is the fastest microwave drying system available. Samples reach optimal drying temperature in less than 5 seconds.

  • Fast! Moisture/solids analysis with turbo power
  • SMART Turbo is now up to 40% faster
  • Improve Process Control
  • Increase Profits

The SMART Turbo is the only microwave moisture/solids analyzer that provides high precision and accuracy by:

  • Constantly monitors weight loss
  • Continuously monitors sample temperature
  • Adjusts microwave power in real time




The SMART Turbo features easy-to-use software available in 5 languages — English, Spanish, French, Italian and German — enabling multinational companies to standardize testing procedures at all facilities. Up to 300 results can be stored to perform statistical analysis. Software can be interfaced

with corporate information technology systems.



Calibration is sample independent. Once calibrated, there is never a need to update the calibration model



Compact and rugged, the SMART Turbo can be utilized on the production floor or in the laboratory. It accurately analyzes a variety of sample types including solids, powders or slurries (0.1 - 99.9% moisture) in a wide range of applications including difficult or temperature-sensitive samples.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Chemicals
  • Water


CEM Communicator

Data Management Software

    • Automatic data collection
    • Advanced charting features
    • Method specific data storage


These high quality, glass fiber pads are manufactured in an ISO-approved facility in a controlled environment to avoid excess moisture, which can cause inconsistent results.



CEM has all the tools to simplify your work

  • NIST temperature traceable reference
  • NIST traceable weight
  • Periodic maintenance programs
  • Monitor reference standard programs




Instrument Dimensions                          22.0 in (w) x 23.3 in (d) x 14.5 in (h)

                                                               55.9 cm (w) x 59.1 cm (d) x 36.8 cm (h)

Weight                                                    55 lbs, 25 kg

Moisture/Solids Range                           0.01% to 99.9%, 0.01% resolution

Balance                                                  Capacity: 50 grams, 0.1 mg readability

Program/Data Storage                           100 methods, 300 results

Standard Software                                 Constant Weight & Time, Fat, Moisture, TS, TSS, TVSS, Dilutions, Syringe Weighing

Data Entry                                              Keypad with menu-driven software

Display                                                    Black and white VGA (320 x 240)

Accessory Ports                                      Two serial, RS232 nine-pin ports for external balance, computer or barcode, one parallel port,

                                                                25 pin, for external printer

Standard Printer                                      Internal impact printer

Electrical Requirements                          110-127 VAC, 60Hz, 10 Amps; 220-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 5 Amps 100 VAC, 50/60Hz, 10 Amps;                                                                     200-208 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 5 Amps



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