Disintegration test is intended to demonstrate the effective break-up (complete powder formation) of the solid formulation. LABINDIA has introduced a novel Tablet Disintegration Tester for testing the disintegration time of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms.

Salient Features

  • Meets current specification of USP, IP, BP and other Pharmacopoeias
  • In DT1000+, Dual timer (baskets will have individual timer) and dual drive (each basket is driven by individual drive), 20*4 line display with pause and resume functionality to monitor disintegration in between the test
  • Specifically designed for use in the quality and production control of normal plain coated tablets & gelatin capsules
  • Programmable Temperature & Time
  • Molded clear acrylic water bath with illumination for better visibility
  • Auto Park out facility for basket after run completion
  • Capability for dual buffer disintegration test
  • Audible, low water level alarm with indication on display for safety
  • External temperature sensors available for individual beaker
  • Provision to identify the position of disintegrated tablet with laser marked numbers on basket assembly
  • Provision to lock individual tablet disintegration time by using external key board with basket numbers



Sr. No.          Parameters                                           Specifications

1                  Drive                                                    Dual (individual) (for each basket - dual time)

2                  Dip Speed                                             30, ±1 DPM

3                  Stroke length                                        5.5, ± 0.1 cm

4                  Water bath temperature range               Ambient +5 to 50°C

5                  Water bath temperature accuracy           ± 0.2°C

6                  Water bath circulation                            Immersion Pump

7                  Beaker volume                                      1000 ml

8                  Basket                                                  2X6 test positions (10mesh) USP type A

9                  Fluted Disk                                           6 numbers in each basket USP type A

10                Test Mode                                            Programmable Time up to 99:59 (hh:mm)

Display Format 99:59:59

11                Display                                                 20 X 4 Line back lighted LCD display

12                Keyboard                                             Alphanumeric splash water proof polyester soft keys

13                Output          Printer                             Parallel Port

                                        RS-232C                          PC Connectivity for data downloading

14                Power Requirement                             230Vac / 50 Hz, 275 W

15                Environmental Operating conditions    a) Operation           Indoor

                                                                                 b) Temperature           Ambient to 45°C

                                                                                 c) Humidity             20% to 80%

16                Dimension (Approx.)                              330 X 330 X 580 cm (W X D X H)

17                Shipping Weight (Approx.)                     37 kg App.

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