Friability is one of the testing criteria of mechanical strength of the tablet. Labindia manufactures Friability Tester as per pharmacopoeia. The micro-processor controlled friability tester allows the programming of specific time interval or set number of counts / rotations. The display indicates either the elapsed time or the revolution count as per the selected method. The program also allows the weights to be entered for further calculations.

Salient Features

  • Meets current specifications of USP, IP and other Pharmacopoeias
  • Offers a count and time mode
  • Automatic discharge of the of the sample into individual sample tray after completion of each cycle
  • 10° tilting of drums as per USP recommendation for odd shaped tablets
  • Easy front loading system
  • Supports friability drum and abrasion drum
  • Calculation of friability - percentage weight-loss
  • Balance interface for sample weight transfer



Sr. No.          Parameters                                   Specifications

1                  Operating Modes                           Count or Time, user selectable

2                  Test Mode                                      Programmable Count 1 to 9999 Or Programmable                

                                                                          Time up to 99:59 (hh:mm) Display Format 99:59:59

3                  Display                                          20X2 Line back lighted LCD display

4                  Rotation Speed                             25, ± 1 RPM fixed

                                                                          20-50 RPM, programmable (Optional)

5                  Count mode accuracy                   Actual setting ± 1 rotation

6                  Standard drum types                     2 Drums, Roche type or Abrasion type (optional)

7                  Drum Material                               Acrylic-USP

8                  Keyboard                                       Alphanumeric splash water proof polyester soft key

9                  Output          Printer                       Parallel Port

                                       RS 232C                     PC Connectivity for Data Downloading

10                Power Requirement                       230Vac / 50Hz, 20W

11                Environmental operating conditions a) Operation Indoor

                                                                             b) Temperature Ambient to 45°C

                                                                            c) Humidity 20% to 80%

12 Dimension (Approx.)                                  310 X 310 X 490 cm. (W X D X H)

13 Shipping Weight (Approx)                          10 Kg

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