• 7” High resolution Display with Capacitive Touch Screen & User interactive software for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.

• Facility for date and time display with Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC)

• 12 Position Carousal for Automatic measurement of tablet parameters

-Thickness, Length / Diameter, Weight, Width &. Hardness

• Automatic run can be performed continuously up to 1-100 tablets. Run can be restarted incase of of interruption due to power failure

• Alphanumeric entries of Sample Name and Identification/Batch Number for authentication

• Daily Auto Incremented Run Number for authentication of each test Run

• Factory entered CUSTOMER NAME, Equipment ID with Instrument Serial Number on report

• Process Stage,Press Details, comment entry with Identification / Batch No for additional information

• Multilevel Passing Limit for detected values of Hardness, Length / Diameter, Thickness and Width with markingT1,T2,T3 for out of limit values

• Calibration for Hardness, Thickness & Length / Diameter/Width :

• Hardness Calibration & Verification - 3 Point.

• Thickness Calibration & Verification - 3 Point.

• Length/Diameter/Width Calibration with 2 point & verification with 3 point.

• Calibration reminder function

• Quick RUN for Width, Thickness, Length/Diameter and Hardness measurement or All.

• The built in Sweeping blades cleans the tablet path for removal of broken pieces, debris & dust.

• Tablet Auto centering for length measurement as per tablet width / diameter.

• Groove for better positioning of oblong shape tablets.

• ‘Run’ halt feature for out of limit value with buzzer alarm & display message indication.

• ‘Pause’ / ‘Resume’ feature added while measuring Hardness to make a proper alignment of the tablet.

•  Error indication helps user to trace the problem.

• Linear Displacement Method with selectable speed 0.4 to 3.2mm/se (Step of 0.4 mm/sec)

• Fast Advance and Return movement of breaking arm saves test run time.

• Result resolution 0.1N, 0.01mm and as per unit selected.




Parameters TH12 Smart

• Control: Micro-controller based (Advanced version of microprocessor)

• Display: 7” High Resolution Display with Capacitive touch screen

• Test Parameter: No. of Tablets = 1-100


1. Thickness:

• Measuring Sensor                     Linear Transducer

• Measuring Range                      0.1mm to 15.0mm

• Measuring Unit                          mm, cm or inch

• Measuring Accuracy                  better than ± 0.06mm

2. Width (in Separate Mode)

• Measuring Sensor                     Stepper controlled Load Touch sensor

• Measuring Range                      0.1mm to 15.0mm

• Measuring Unit                          mm, cm, inch

• Measuring Accuracy                  better than ± 0.06mm

3. Diameter/ Length

• Measuring Sensor                     Stepper controlled Load Touch sensor

• Measuring Range                      Diameter =0.5mm to 25.0mm 

                                                     Length =0.1mm to 32.0mm(check the format)

• Measuring Unit                          mm, cm, inch

• Measuring Accuracy                  better than ± 0.06mm

4. Hardness: Speed Control by Stepper motor

• Linear Displacement                  0.4, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 2.8, 3.2mm/sec with fast advance and return of breaking arm.

Measuring Sensor                     Load Cell - Strain gauge

Measuring Range                      2N to 600N

Measuring Unit                          N (Newton’s) / Kp (Kilo Ponds) / Kgf(Sc - Strong Cobb) / Lbs (Pound) / UD (User Define)

Measuring Accuracy                  ± 1N

5. Weight:                               

Manual Entry by User (for reporting purpose) Automatic Balance Inter face - Sartorious, Mettler, etc                                                           when Automatic Wt. Transfer option is selected

Method Storage:                        200 and More Methods with Parameter

Data Storage:                             External Memory Card (16GB) (Expandable upto 32GB)

Report Format:                          • GLP & Pharmacopoeia compliant report with Statistics (Avg, Min, Max and RSD)

• Calibration Reports

• Audit Trial Reports

Output:                                      RS232 C ports for-Balance connectivity

                                                   USB Port for--Print, Backup, Restore,

                                                   Software Upgrade LAN Port for-- Print, Backup, Restore

Instrument weight:                    16kgs Approx.

Dimensions:                              340W x 270H x 410D mm

Power :                                      110/220Vac, + 10%, 60 / 50Hz, 50 Watts, Option Available

Environmental Operating Conditions :

a) Operation : Indoor

b) Temperature : Ambient to 45°C

c) Humidity : 5 to 90% non-condensing

d) Altitude : upto 2000m

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