TENSOR II FT-IR Spectrometer


Spectral range:                                           8,000 to 340 cm-1, with standard KBr beamsplitter

                                                                        11,000 to 350 cm-1, optional, with broadband KBr beamsplitter

                                                                        5,000 to 200 cm-1, optional with CsI optics

                                                                        6,000 to 500 cm-1, optional with „High Humidity“ ZnSe optics

Resolution:                                                   better than 0.4 cm-1

Wavenumber accuracy:                            better than 0.01 cm-1 @ 2,000 cm-1

Photometric accuracy:                              better than 0.1% T

Signal-to-Noise:                                           5 Sec: >6,000:1 (= <7.2 x 10-5 AU noise) peak-to-peak, 4 cm-1 resolution

Signal-to-Noise (achievable):                   5 Sec: >8,000:1 (= <5.4 x 10-5 AU noise) peak-to-peak, 4 cm-1 resolution

1 Min: >45,000:                                            1 (= <9.7 x 10-6 AU noise) peak-to-peak, 4 cm-1 resolution

Interferometer:                                            RockSolidTM, permanent aligned, high stability

Optics:                                                            Gold coated mirrors

Laser:                                                              Diode laser with long life time

IR-source:                                                      Globar, electronically stabilized for long life time

Detector:                                                       DigiTectTM detector system, high sensitivity room temperature DLATGS, optional LN2 cooled or crycooled                                                                             MCT detectors (photo conductive and photovoltaic, permanently evacuated PermaVac-option), NIR                                                                                         detectors; easy exchange

Scan speed:                                                    5 velocities, 1.4 - 51 mm/sec opd

Spectra rate:                                                optionally up to max. 25 spectra per second @ 16 cm-1 optical resolution

A/D converter:                                             True 24-bit dynamic range for all scan velocities; Dual channel data acquisition

Validation:                                                     IVU internal validation unit, fully automated OQ/PQ test and protocols

Aperture wheel:                                            11 positions, fixed diameters, ranging from 250 μm to 6 mm

Spectrometer size:                                      66.5(W) x 45.5(D) x 28.7(H) cm

Sample compartment size:                        25.5(W) x 27(D) x 16(H) cm

Weight:                                                           37 kg

Spectrometer power:                                  100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 70 W

Computer interface:                                    Ethernet connection

Spectroscopy software: OPUS:                  easy-to-use, full GLP compliant, full 21 CFR part 11 compliant

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