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First, the main purpose:
WDW microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is designed for composite mortar insulation system, polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation system, rigid polyurethane foam composite board external wall insulation system and other external wall insulation system and roof insulation materials various physical and chemical properties test test developed.
Second, the machine is suitable for standard:
JC / T992-2006 "wall insulation board adhesive PE expansion."
JC / T993-2006 "exterior insulation and expansion polyethylene sheet Plastering mortar"
JC / T547-2005 "ceramic tile adhesive"
JG149-2003 "expanded polystyrene board thin plaster exterior insulation system"
JC890-2001 "autoclaved aerated concrete masonry mortar and plastering mortar"
JC / T907-2002 "concrete interface treatment agent"
JG158-2004 "powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation system"
DBJ01-38-2002 "specification for construction of exterior insulation polymer cement mortar adhesive"
DBJ / T01-50-2002 "specification for construction of exterior insulation flexible water-resistant putty"
Third, the main technical indicators:
1, the maximum test force: 20kN
2, measuring range: 2% -100% of the maximum test force
3, the test machine accuracy levels: 1
4, the test force accuracy: better than ± 1% of indicated value
5, beam displacement measurement: a resolution of 0.01mm
6, deformation accuracy: better than ± 1%
7, speed adjustment range: 0.01-500mm / min
8, the test space: 800mm
9, the host forms: portal frame structure
10, the host size: 840 × 600 × 1850
11, Weight: about 420Kg
12. Working environment: room temperature ~ 45 ℃, humidity 20% to 80%

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