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The Monitor for Surface Cleanliness (MOSC) sensor detects and measuresall fluorescent particles from 25 to 10,000 µm on critical surfaces. Surfaces are interrogated with UV light, causing particles of biologic origin to fluoresce. An optical system counts and sizes these fluorescent particles on the surface of the work area, providing very valuable insights on personnel behavior and the effectiveness of the cleanroom cleaning program. The Monitor for Surface Cleanliness, the MOSC, provides data on surface cleanliness in terms of particle concentration, differential and cumulative particle size distribution, VDI 2083-9.1 and ISO 14644-9 levels or classes and particle area coverage in ppm (µm²/mm²). The focus is on fluorescent particles generated and distributed by people.

The MOSC can also be used to measure the surface cleanliness of product surfaces with respect to fluorescent particles.

Main features of the new MOSC are:

•    Large measurement area of 10.5 cm² for
•    Fluorescent particles > 25 µm,
•    Wireless sensor,
•    Short measurement time (1 minute).

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