• Fully PC Controlled True Double beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer

• Photomultiplier tube detection provides exceptional sensitivity.

• Stray light 0.01 %T (220nm Nal, 340nm NaNO2)

• Photometric Range -4.0 - 4.0Abs

• User selectable spectral bandwidth between 0.1-5nm.

• User friendly design allows easy light source replacement and routine maintenance.

• Sample compartment design enables use of a wide range of optional accessories.

• UV-WIN software offers many operational and data processing capabilities and is supplied as standard.



The UV3092 features an advanced continuous variable bandwidth feature making it the instrument of choice for applications with a demand for precise and accurate control of wavelength resolution. This feature allows the user to specify exactly what bandpass is required in the range of 0.1-5nm. The double beam optical design combined with a high specification holographic grating gives excellent wavelength separation allowing the user to measure close adjacent wavelengths with excellent sensitivity. The modular design of the sample compartment allows for ease of use of a wide range of optional accessories ensuring accurate analysis of various sample types including liquids, thin films and powders.The user friendly design of the lamp compartment allows easy replacement and simplified routine maintenance of the Deuterium and Tungsten lamps. Full instrument control, data acquisition and processing of measurement data. This is made possible by means of the UV-Win software.





Optical System                  True Double beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer sealed & quartz coated with Czerny-Turner monochromator

Scan Speed                      Selectable (Medium / Slow / Fast)

Wavelength Range            190 - 900nm

Wavelength Accuracy        ± 0.1nm at 656.1nm & ± 0.3nm for entire range

Wavelength Reproducibility ≤0.1nm

Spectral Bandwidth           Continuous slit 0.1 - 5.0nm with 0.1nm interval

Photometric Mode             Transmittance, Absorbance, Energy Concentration, All Using UVWin Software

Photometric Range            -4.0 - 4.0Abs

Photometric Accuracy        0.002A (0 - 0.5A), 0.004A (0.5 - 1.0A), 0.3%T (0 -100%T)

Photometric Reproducibility 0.001A (0 - 0.5A)

Photometric Noise             <0.00005A at 500nm (RMS) slit 1nm.

Baseline Flatness              ± 0.0005 A / h at 500nm, after warm up

Baseline Stability               0.0005A/h (500nm, 0Abs), 2hr warm-up

Stray light                         ≤0.01 %T (220nm Nal, 340nm NaNO2)

Detector                            Photo multiplier tube

Light Source                     Tungsten Halogen and Deuterium arc lamps

PC Interface                      RS232/USB

Optional Accessories         Specular Reflection, Sipper Pump, Peltier, Automatic 8 Cell Changer, long path length holder, Micro Cell  Holder, Integrating Sphere Software Support UV-Win Software to control complete UV-VIS Spectrophotometer is Latest Windows based, also offering extensive administrative capabilities along with a detailed audit trail & GLP/GMP/GRP Compliance. Built in Performance Verification feature enabling it to comply with various methodologies like ASTM, IS & ISO. for interpretation of measurement results, it is offering Four key workspaces -- Spectral Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Kinetic Analysis & Photometric Analysis, this features allows the user for complete spectrophotometer control, Data storage, Spectral overlay in 3D Display mode, create customized report templates, Built in User group creation with Audit trail, log history and Password protection. All UV- VIS Data processing parameters and mathematical tools for interpretation like Point pick, Peak/Valley detection, Abs-%T conversion, Normalization, Exponential Convention, Auto calculation of% SD,% RSD and Average, Quantitative workspace to determine the concentration of unknown sample, create a calibration curve using single and multi point calibration, 1st to 4th Order co-relation and derivative spectroscopy, Export measurement data to Word, Excel, CSV and ASCII format.

Power Supply                    Switchable 120 - 230VAC 50 - 60Hz

Weight                              43Kg

Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height)     545mm, 580mm, 270mm

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