Double Beam Optical System with 1200 l/mm grating having low stray light and the optimized design to ensure higher measurement accuracy of the instrument; The powerful measurement and analysis functions and the open self-defined measurement methods can meet the measurement requirements of scientific research.

The All-aluminium die-casting base make the instrument stronger and more durable. High resolution TFT colour LCD touch screen provides excellent display effect and simple operation with built-in computer (2GB memory/64GB SSD storage, 178 degree full view, 16 million colours, high resolutions, 10.1 inch IPS colour LCD touch screen, capacitive 10-point touch control) provides excellent display effect, simple operation and good scalability; Wide sample room, suitable for 5-100mm sample cell holders and other accessories; Start-up selfcalibration system and warm-up countdown; Automatically move the wavelength to the set position, and automatically do zero; Connect with a printer directly and output measurement results; Connect with a PC by USB, and control the instrument by software, to enrich and expand the application. Support upgrading firmware by USB storage directly.


The software design fully complies with the requirements of 21CFR stipulated in Pharmacopoeia, and has perfect GLP/GMP functions, which can effectively trace and manage the instrument performance and measurement data. Perfect system and file management function; Rich interfaces (USB, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, Bluetooth, WIFI, SD card reader, etc.) can connect keyboards, mice scanning equipments and printers to input and output data, and access networks for remote control, data transmission and sharing; With open data interface protocols, users can integrate into the system through simple development to realize the integration with other devices; Connect with a PC by USB, and control the instrument by software, to enrich and expand the application.



Optical system                            Double beam with Czerny Turner Monochromator

Light source                                Tungsten and Deuterium Lamp, pre-aligned

Spectral bandwidth                      0.5, 1, 2, 4nm

Wavelength range                       190 ~ 1100 nm

Wavelength accuracy                  ±0.3 nm ( full range 190nm - 1100nm)

Wavelength repeatability              0.1 nm

Wavelength resolution                 0.1 nm

Scanning speed                          1 to 3000nm/min variable

Photometric range                       -4 to 4.0A

Photometric accuracy                  0.5A +/- 0.002 A

Noise                                          0.000016 Abs RMS@500nm

Drift                                            < 0.0002 Abs/H @ 500 nm

Baseline flatness                         ±0.001 A

Stray light                                   ≤0.02 @ 220nm KCL 198nm = 1% T

Photometric mode                       Photometry, Quantitation, Spectrum, Kinetics

Detector                                      Dual Silicon photodiode

Lamp Interchange Wavelength    Automatic interchange linked to wavelength. The interchange wavelength can be set freely

Wavelength Slew Rate                6500 nm/min

Sample cell holder                       Pair of 10 mm cell holder upgradable to automatic 8 cell changer

Display                                       10.1 Inch IPS colour LCD touch screen, capacitive 10-point touch control (resolution: 1280×800), 2GB                                                        memory/64GB SSD storage,178 degree full view, 16 million colours, high resolutions, 10.1 inch IPS                                                            colour. Embedded Operating system, with sealed membrane.

Software                                     Complies with the requirement of 21CFR Part 11 with GLP/GMP functions, file management functions.

Storage                                       64GB (built-in), unlimited expansion (USB storage, SD card, network storage device)

Interface                                     USB-A (extensible; connect USB printers, storages, mice, keyboards and other peripherals)×3, USB-B                                                       (PC)×1, RJ-45 (Ethernet)×1, VGA×1,HDMI×1, blue booth, WIFI

Power                                         100 ~ 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 W

Weight                                        18 kg

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