UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (UV) is a kind of analytical instrument with long history, high sensitivity, good selectivity and wide application. It is widely used in organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, food inspection, medicine and health, environmental protection and life sciences for scientific research, production work. RIGOL Ultra-3000 Series UV-Visible Spectrophotometer uses dual-beam optical design with ultra-low stray light and wide wavelength range, can do qualitative and quantitative analysis accurately; It is built-in a variety of measurement methods and supports the spectral software operation. The instrument is independent design with a lot of intellectual property rights; it is of superior performance and value for money, a good helper for analysis

Features & Benefits

•    Ultra-low stray light ≤0.03%T
•    0.5nm optical resolution with 4 options for spectral bandwidth selection
•    Versatile test solutions, with built-in bio-analytical methods
•    7”TFT color screen WVGA (800x480), water-proofing keyboard design
•    Supports input of numbers, Chinese and English
•    Supports storage & printing with USB devices, supports Ultra UV workstation

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