UV-VIS Spectrophotometer-UV1000+

The UV1000+ Spectrophotometer incorporates dual monochromator technology making it well suited to even the most demanding of

applications in all areas of UV-Visible Spectroscopy including :

• Pharmaceutical * Material Science

• Metrological Verification * Biotechnology

• Food Safety - Research

Wireless instrument control and data acquisition can be achieved from a Tablet PC using Wi-Fi technology allowing the analyst to move freely around the laboratory whilst also keeping track of sample measurements.


The optical design of UV1000+ offer extremely low stray light characteristics 0.00002%T(NaN02,340nm) which allows for an extensive photometric range ( -8.0Abs - +8.0Abs). Measurements at deep ultra-violet wavelengths can also be achieved with use of Nitrogen purged optics.


The instrument can be optically configured to suit the needs of the sample by means of a continually adjustable slit for precise control of spectral resolution and beam size adjustment by means of an attenuating wheel. Precise wavelength accuracy is ensured by the integrated Mercury Emissions Lamp used for automatic correction of spectral deviation. A whole host of specialised accessories are available to suit the specific requirement of the sample, these include:

• Both 60mm and 150mm Integrating Sphere for Diffuse reflectance measurements.

• Absolute, and Specula reflectance measurements accessories.

• Polarizing Optics.

• Thermostatic Cell Holders for temperature control.

• Various long and short pathlength cell holders.

• Automated cell changers for both sample and Reference beams

• Tablet dissolution accessory for pharmaceutical quality control.


Integrating Sphere

Types: Diameter 150mm and 60mm

• Range of Application: Solid sample, power sample, liquid sample, glasses

• Measurement Methods: Diffuse reflectance, total reflectance, diffuse transmission and total transmission

• Sample Placement: front wall, black wall and Center

• Software: Glasses application software and textile application software

• The coating material has high reflectance in UV-VIS spectrum

• Larger internal space, you can install optional test accessories, such as small sample test accessory, glasses test accessory,

fluorescence test accessory, movable sample test accessories

• Integrating sphere can be off-host and independent utility with external light source



Type                       DIS150-1                                   DIS60- 1

WL Range              200-850nm

Detector                  PMT

Diameter                 150mm                                       60mm

Coating                   Spectraflect


Open Diameter       25mm                                         17mm


Open Diameter       20mm                                         12mm

Open Perecentage 8017%                                        10.00%

Noise                      100T% : <0.3% (800nm)

<0.1% (500nm) <0.2% (250nm)

0T% : <0.02% (800nm)

<0.01% (500nm) <0.02% (250nm)

Size                        675mm*330mm*265mm              513mm*330mm*265mm

Drift                        <0.1% (500nm)




Principle :                         True Double beam, double monochromator, UV Visible Spectrophotometer Sealed and Quartz coated CZerny Turner

                                          with microcomputer electronics controlled by DELL PC or compatible personal computer

Optical System :                All reflecting optical system with holographic grating

Detector :                          High Energy Photo Multiplier tube

Wavelength Scanning Speed : Wavelength Slew Rate -14500 nm/min

                                           Scan Rate -About 4500 to 0.5 nm/min

Wavelength Range :         185 - 900nm

Source :                            W-Halogen Lamp

                                          D2 Lamp - UV Region

                                          W Halogen Lamp - Visible Region

                                          Hg Lamp - Wavelength Correction

                                          Automatic selectable light source lamp switching

Noise :                              0.00004 Abs@500nm

Bandwidth: :                      0.05 - 4.00 nm in 0.01 nm steps, through software

UV/VIS Resolution             0.01nm

Straylight :                        At 198nm for KCL                        0.05%T

At 220nm NaI ASTM Method       0.00004%T

At 340nm NaNo2                         <0.00002%T

Wavelength Accuracy :      ± 0.1nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ±0.05nm Deuterium Lamp

Photometric Accuracy:       ± 0.0004 Abs

Baseline Flatness              (Range : 190-900nm)

Baseline Stability:              ±0.0003Abs/hr

 Photometric Repeatability: ±0.0004A@0.5A

Photometric Range:           -8.0Abs - +8.0Abs

Communication Port:         RS 232C, USB, Wifi

Software/Data Processing: UV-Win Software to control complete UV-VIS Spectrophotometer is Latest Windows based, also offering extensive administrative capabilities along with a detailed audit trail & 21CFR Part 11, GLP/GMP/GRP Compliance. Built in Performance Verification feature enabling it to comply with various methodologies like ASTM, IS & ISO. For interpretation of measurement results, it is offering Four key workspaces -- Spectral Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, multi component analysis, multilevel calibration, baseline correction, Kinetic Analysis & Photometric Analysis with different modes Transmittance,Absorbance,Energy,Reflectance this features allows the user for complete spectrophotometer control, Data storage, Spectral overlay in 3D Display mode, create customized report templates, Built in User group creation with Audit trail, log history and Password protection. All UV- VIS Data processing parameters and mathematical tools for interpretation like Point pick, P eak/Valley detection, Abs- %T conversion, Normalization, Exponential Convention, Auto calculation of % SD, % RSD and Average, Quantitative workspace to determine the concentration of unknown sample, create a calibration curve using single and multipoint calibration, 1st to 4th derivative correlation and derivative spectroscopy, Export measurement data to Word, Excel, CSV and ASCII format.

Optional Accessories:        Specular Reflection Accessory, Integrating Sphere 60mm,Integrated Sphere 150mm Automatic 8 Cell                                                         Changer,long path cell holder, Peltier Solid Sample holder etc.

Power Supply :                  Switchable 120 - 230VAC 50 - 60Hz

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