MODEL NO: 66 A, 66 B, 66 C, 66D



- Double Walled In Construction with Inner Made of SS 304 & Exterior. GI Sheet Duly Finished in Powder Coated shade.

- The High Grade Compressed Glass Wool Insulation is provided In Between The Wall To Minimize The Heat Loss.

- The Temp. Is Being Controlled By Microprocessor based PID Temp. Controller with Dual Digital Indicator. & PT- 100 Sensor.

- The Control Panel includes PID Temp. Controller, Vacuum Gauge, On/Off Switch, etc. & are safely placed at the top. Of the oven. Valve & Gas inert line provided on one side of the unit.

- The Shelves are SS 304 non Perforated trays Depending upon selection size of oven.

- A Toughed Glass Provided On Door For Observation Of Test.

- The Heating Is Provided By Kantar/ Nichrome Element. Max. Vacuum: - 30” HG.

- Vacuum Loss:- Less than 1” after 24 hours.

- Temp. Range: - 40°C To 200°C.

- Temp. Accuracy:  ±1°C to ± 2°C.



CAT NO: 66 A

              INNER SIZE DIA X DEPTH: 12”X 12” X 16”

              CAPACITY: 38 LTRS

              RATING(WATTS): 1750

               SHELVES: 2

CAT NO: 66 B

              INNER SIZE DIA X DEPTH: 14”X 14” X 20”

              CAPACITY: 64 LTRS

              RATING(WATTS): 1900

               SHELVES: 3

CAT NO: 66 C

              INNER SIZE DIA X DEPTH: 18”X 18” X 24”

              CAPACITY: 128 LTRS

              RATING(WATTS): 600

               SHELVES: 3

CAT NO: 66 D

              INNER SIZE DIA X DEPTH: 20”X 20” X 30”

              CAPACITY: 198 LTRS

              RATING(WATTS): 2500

               SHELVES: 3





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