Voyager Microwave Synthesis System

Voyager Microwave Synthesis System for scalp Up & Process Development

Voyager is also a highly efficient tool for screening reaction process parameters. Quickly and effectively screen catalysts, study reaction kinetics, and explore potential solvents with Voyager to put your scale-up process development on the fast track. Additionally, with Voyager’s flow-through design and constant reaction monitoring, there isn’t a safer process screening tool available.

Voyager is available with seamlessly integrated online analytics to optimize the scale-up process, bringing real-time results and control to flow-through chemistries.

  • CEM Investigator in situ spectroscopic analysis module
  • Use standard HPLC, LC-MS or Flash Chromatographic systems for in-line analytical examination of the flow stream


From milligram to kilogram quantities! Voyager provides unparalleled flexibility in a stop-flow system designed to easily accommodate liquid, solid, or viscous reactants.

  • Stop-flow accessory for reactions with solid reagents
  • Powerful flow-handling capability
  • Scale-up from mg to kg with the same parameters and achieve the same yields
  • Use liquid, solid, or viscous reactants


Voyager is the first single-mode microwave flow-through system designed for scale up.

Built on the most innovative microwave synthesis platform available, the Voyager System shares all of the features and capabilities of CEM’s Discover System, while offering additional options and accessories for scale-up. Though Voyager can perform discovery scale chemistries and subsequently scale them up, methods developed on a small scale with any synthesis system featuring CEM Focused Microwave technology may be transferred to Voyager for scale up, without the headaches of long process optimization.


Voyager is the first technology that provides applications specific design that satisfies the need to scale up reactions with microwave energy in a safe, controlled, and consistent manner. Voyager also offers a flexible scale-up technology that is a viable alternative for the production of valuable intermediates or the timely creation of starting materials in the lab, meaning that medicinal chemists can now better manage their development projects directly without waiting for outsourced reactants or components.



Pumping System                          Peristaltic

Temp. Measurement                    Fiber-optic or IR

Pressure Measurement               In-line, direct

Operating Limits                           2200C or 200 psi

Flow cells                                     80-ml Glass

Valves                                          Two, (4, 6 ported)

Solvent Level Sensors                 Two

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