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WEW-2000D Series computer screen hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for metal tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical properties test, after the addition of a simple accessory can cement, concrete, brick, tile, rubber and its products were detected .

1, a special seat at the thick jaw clamping jaw specimen, so that the jaw is completely contained in the jaw seat body, so that the sample holder is more reliable, because eliminate the jaw seat light and flared deformation of the possibility of damage, greatly improve the life of the equipment.
2, between the jaws and the base jaw pallets increased liner wear, to prevent the metal oxide fall into the stretching process, resulting in jaw seat slant scratch phenomenon, the clamping process more smooth, more bonus reliable.
3, monitoring and control software is based on Chinese windowsXP operating system platform, running speed, moderate interface, menu prompts, mouse operation, with a variety of sample information input mode to meet different test materials. Samples have been the same conditions a batch input generated automatically, but also making conditions template.
4, the test force display the full resolution of the same, in order to ensure the accuracy of test data measured.
5, experimental data (test force, loading rate) and experimental curves with the testing process real-time display.
6, after the end of the experiment test data automatic analysis, automatic storage and printing.

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