ezfill 4500

Dissolution Media Preparation Station

The ezfill 4500 is compact, transportable, and easy-to-use. The unique integration and control of critical functions like heating and vacuum degassing allow the unit to prepare and accurately dispense media in less than 90 seconds* for volumes as large as 1000 mls containing up to 2% surfactant. The system is user programmable and volumes are settable between 250 mls and 1000 mls in 5 ml increments. For programmed volumes of less than 500 mls the unit will automatically employ the MDC or Multiple Dispensing Cycle mode. The MDC simultaneously processes aliquots of media in multiples equal to the maximum volume of 1000 mls per cycle.

The MDC mode significantly reduces the average time to dispense by taking advantage of the ezfill’s ability to batch process.


The ezfill 4500 offers tight controls over key volume and temperature parameters with accuracies of ±1% for volume and ± 2°C for temperature, meeting compendia requirements. The high precision glass vacuum chamber and piston are used to create the conditions for fast and effective de-aeration and media dispensing where up to 3 ppm of dissolved oxygen can be removed. Because an analytical balance and vacuum pump are not required to prepare and dispense media, the ezfill 4500 is compact, light weight and easily relocated around the dissolution laboratory.



ezfill Specifications:


Dispensing Volume                               250 mls to 1000 mls

Dispensing Accuracy                            The greater of 1% of set volume or ± 5 mls

Heating Capacity                                    +20C deg. increase from starting point

Degassing                                                   Up to a maximum of 3.0 ppm, to an endpoint of not less than 5.0 ppm

Input Filter                                                25 mm in-line fi lter holder

Temperature Control                            Cartridge Heater

Temperature Accuracy                         ± 2°C

PC Interface                                               RS-232 (serial) & USB 2.0

Unit Dimensions                                      ezfill 4500                        autofill                            Mobile Cart

                                          Height               27.50" (70 cm)                10.50" (27 cm)            37.00" (94 cm)

                                          Width                12.25" (31 cm)                  20.5" (52 cm)              21.00" (53 cm)

                                         Depth                10.25" (26 cm)                  20.50" (52 cm)             27.50" (70 cm)


Weight                                                           42 lbs (19 kg)                  26 lbs (12 kg)                  32 lbs (15 kg)

Electrical Power                                     115V ± 15V 50/60Hz       Supplied by                        N/A

                                                                         15A                                      ezfill


                                                                       230V ± 15V 50/60Hz 8A

                                                                       (Operating voltage preset

                                                                        at factory)

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