Explorer - Semi-Micro Balances

Built for Sophisticated, Professional Weighing.

When laboratory work and research requires accuracy to the hundred-thousandth, there is simply no room for error. The Explorer series of semi-micro balances has been designed with the technology to ensure that your very specific weighing results are accurate. Sophisticated laboratories requiring accuracy and looking for innovative technology to obtain measurement results can find both in Explorer semi-micro balances.


Standard Features Include:

• Intelligent Performance for Applications Requiring Extreme AccuracyThe semi-micro
Explorer series, which includes models with capacities up to 220 g and resolutions up to
0.01 mg, has been designed to use a High Speed Single Module weighing cell to ensure
the accuracy of results. To minimize weighing errors and ensure accurate measurements,
AutoCal™ utilizes two internal weights to perform a linear calibration.

• Intuitive Software Provides an Extremely Modern User ExperiencePowered by
SmarText™ 2.0 software, Explorer operates in the same manner as common electronics, with
an icon-based touchscreen display, advanced applications, memory library, a USB host port,
and more.

• Ingenious Construction Designed to Enhance UsabilityAmong Explorer’s features
designed to improve user experience and ensure the integrity of results
include touchless sensors, automatic draftshield doors, an ionizer,
and more.



Intelligent Performance for Applications Requiring Extreme Accuracy

Balances with capacities ranging from 52 g–220 g and readabilities from 0.1 mg–0.01 mg make up the Explorer series of semi-micro balances. In addition to superior craftsmanship and a High Speed Single Module weighing cell, various features are incorporated in to the product’s design to enhance performance.

Internal Calibration

OHAUS’ signature AutoCal™ internal calibration system provides routine maintenance by automatically calibrating the balance every time it senses a temperature change of 1.5°C or every 3 hours, whichever occurs first. This helps ensure the accuracy of the balance when the operator has not performed a manual calibration or when the proper calibration masses are
unavailable. In addition, to minimize weighing errors and ensure accurate measurements, AutoCal™ utilizes two internal weights to perform a linear calibration.


Explorer’s ultra-fast stabilization time (0.1 mg: ≤3 second, 0.01 mg: ≤8 second) and audible stability alert increases laboratory efficiency.


Intuitive Software Provides an Extremely Modern User Experience

Explorer semi-micro balances include many facets of modern technology to provide the best weighing experience possible. The icon-based navigation provides tactile feedback and operates in the same manner as a smart phone or tablet computer.

Save to USB

A USB host port provides the capability of using a USB extension cable to directly transfer the data to a flash drive.


The balance’s memory capabilities includes a library with space for up to 99 items, and a 10 recipe library for formulation mode.


The user manager function provides profiles for one administrator and five additional users, allowing multiple users to utilize the same balance without compromising past results recorded on the balance.


• Other technologically-advanced features include:
• Below minimum sample weight indicator
• Real time clock for GLP/GMP data collection
• Audible stability alert
• True type printing for SQC and pipette adjustment.


Ingenious Construction Designed to Enhance Usability

The sleek Explorer semi-micro balance has been designed and constructed to provide a modern weighing experience as well as to bolster accuracy.

Operator Experience

Among the features that enhance the operator experience are:
• Color touchscreen display
• Four programmable touchless sensors allow the operator to perform common functions and commands with a swipe of the hand
• Modular design in which the base and display can be separated to allow the balance to fit ideally on the lab bench.


The automatic door on certain models allows the user to open the draftshield door with a wave of their left hand when their right hand is occupied with the sample. This feature allows the sample placement process to occur in one swift motion without having to repetitively pick up and put down samples due to a lack of free hands. The automatic doors are more than just a userfriendly
feature, they minimize vibrations caused by manual operation which can affect weighing results.


The built-in ionizer, included in Explorer automatic door models, generates bipolar ions continuously from positive and negative discharge electrodes and directs the ionized air onto the charged body to eliminate static electricity. These charges can build up in the weighing chamber and alter weighing results by as much as several milligrams.

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