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Isolation Infection In Critical Areas


Controls fume hood face velocity to provide containment and safety. Fume hoods are a primary source of protection in laboratories. Face velocity measurements are often used to gauge the performance of a fume hood’s ability to contain and exhaust harmful vapors. By measuring and controlling face velocity, TSI FHC50 Fume Hood Controllers provide a higher level of fume hood safety and energy efficiency.

 Features and Benefits

•    Controls fume hood face velocity to provide containment and safety
•    Reduces laboratory air flow usage, optimizing energy savings
•    Assists in managing risk by communicating fume hood status information to Building Management System (BMS)
•    Visual, audible and remote alarms warn users of unsafe conditions
•    Seamless integration to BMS via BACnet, LonWorks, or Modbus
•    Easy installation and wiring
•    Fast-acting actuator provides containment during sash movements
•    Easy configuration using keypad or configuration software
•    Large display provides detailed fume hood information
•    Surface or flush mount options available 


•    Fume Hood Control 
•    Using side-wall velocity sensors
•    Utilizing sash sensors
•    Combining side-wall and sash sensors
•    Flow Control 
•    Using pressure-based or thermal flow stations
•    Utilizing linear Venturi valves
•    Controls dampers or valves with fast-acting actuator, depending on application


•    Research laboratories
•    Life Science and Pharmaceutical
•    Universities and Academic
•    Vivariums
•    Healthcare Facilities


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