HR Philosophy

Our philosophy strongly revolves around people… their nature, needs, values and their approach to work.

Our philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • Self Managing Resource: We believe that the employees are a fundamentally different and unique resource. Employees are the important assets in the organization.
  • Potential: We believe in the inherent potential of people. There are different kinds and degrees of potential which can be developed and utilized in the context of task challenges, responsibility and commitment.
  • Limitations: We believe that any apparent limitations in people are the results of variety of circumstances and factors, and can be overcome with support, awareness and correction following which, the potential has a chance to flower again.
  • Quality of Work Life: We provide a high quality of work life for all our members which results to opportunities for a meaningful carrier, job satisfaction and healthy work life.
  • Meritocraci: We believe meritocracy as a just and equitable system and contribute best under conditions of open opportunities and challengers and different rewards commensurate with performance.
  • Actualisation: We believe that the design, implementation, and update of HRM systems, enhancement of skills and creation.


Our objectives are bifurcated in 2 parts General and Specific

General objective has a clear approach towards particular area or function, that is human resource underlying their importance and role in achieving organisational objectives on a long-term basis.

Specific objectives are related to the specific activities of that area, that is recruitment, development, appraisal, human resource mobility, incentive systems, industrial relations, etc., various HR policies must be seen in this context and should aim at:

  • Fulfillment of the organization object
  • Informing the employees about the policies
  • Development of sincere sense of duty within the enterprise
  • Providing adequate and trained personnel at all levels
  • Protection of the common interest of all parties.
  • Establishment of mutual confidence and avoidance of misunderstanding
  • Opportunity of growth who are willing to learn and train
  • Recognition of work and accomplishments by offering rewards
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