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Spin Air samplers grant users a compact, portable, simple solution to air sampling. Accuracy and precision-enhancing Spin technology enables Spin Air samplers to outperform the accuracy of other air sampling systems. IUL’s air samplers are very compact and devised for easy transportation to enable sampling to take place anywhere needed. The sampling technology uses 100% of the Petri plate agar surface to plate microorganisms (only 5% is used in other air samplers), this improves data statistical significance greatly.

Technical Specifications

Air flow: 100l/m (90mm plate) -60l/m (Rodac plate). – Controlled by microprocessor 
Air Total Volume: 10-9900
Delay to Start: 60 minutes, divided in seconds
Rotation Speed:0,1,2,3 and 4 rpm
Tripod thread: At the bottom
Communication: RS232 to PC/Printer
Format Communication: XML, CSV
Bar-code connection: With IUL bar-code device
Switching adaptor: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz 12V CC 15W
Battery Pack: Ni metal Hydride 7,2V
Range: 8 hours full charge (without Slave)
Weight: 1.7Kg Spin Air -1.3Kg Spin Air Slave – 2.2 Kg Carrying Case

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